At Appamada, space and time are freely offered so that anyone may come and be nourished by the teachings, by the connections with the teachers and sangha, and by the practice. And at the same time, this place, these programs, and this sangha are maintained by and depends on the generosity of its supporters.

We do not have an institutional affiliation for support, nor do we have a membership program with dues or pledges. These traditional funding sources would fundamentally alter our intention to simply offer what is needed and accept what is freely provided by those who benefit from what Appamada can offer. We have a deep appreciation for this support, which in turn benefits the entire sangha.

There are various ways to help. Contributions may be made for the general support of Appamada, or in direct support of the teachers. Please indicate with a note if you would like a contribution to provide support specifically for a teacher. There are other ways to offer support for the sangha through work or practical contributions.

There is no recommended contribution because each person’s financial circumstances are unique. We assume that you can best determine what you are happy to contribute based on the value of our offerings and what is appropriate for your circumstances.

Dana is the Pali term for generosity, often expressed through offerings in appreciation and support of the dharma. It was the first of the six paramitas, or “practices of perfection” taught by the Buddha. (More about dana here. . .)


There is a dana box for contributions in the kitchen on the island, if you would like to make an offering in person.

Contributions may also be mailed to:

913 East 38th St.
Austin, TX 78705

Please contact Peg for details about contributions of work, needed items, or other kinds of contributions.

Appamada is a registered non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation.

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