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In 2011, Vaughn began practicing with a small Rinzai Chan sangha in Alpine, Texas. In early 2012, he took the precepts, and in the¬¬ summer of that year, he participated in his first sesshin at Great Vow Monastery in Oregon. Later that summer, Vaughn moved to Austin and washed up on Appamada’s beach in the fall of that year. In Austin, Vaughn made Wednesday night his dedicated time for sangha practice and was an occasional meditator on Sundays and weekday mornings. During his time in Austin, his marriage fell apart making him a single father, and his practice evolved into a life-changing endeavor (not that there is any other kind of practice). He took on roles at Appamada, participated in the Appamada Men’s group, tried and failed to launch a parenting group, and met for practice discussion each week with Peg. In 2015, Vaughn joined Council 2, deepening his commitment to the sangha and practice. In the summer of 2016, Vaughn and his son moved home to Alpine, where Vaughn established a new sangha, Appamada Alpine, which meets in his home each Wednesday evening (see In the summer of 2017, Vaughn participated in the Appamada Residential Intensive at Red Corral Ranch. In November of 2017, Peg married Vaughn and his sweetheart Mary Schwartze in their back yard in Alpine, Texas. Vaughn is an enthusiastic high school Graphic Design and Photography teacher, a dedicated family researcher, and a lover of The Big Bend’s night skies. He relishes travelling and hopes to return to the United Kingdom soon for more ancestral research and sits with fellow satellite sanghas.


My dharma name is Zheng Da Chuan, or Boundless River.


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