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Specifying for Franz at Concrete5 just what we need in a directory system

10/19/16 04:03:pm

Here was my request of Franz:

The work we would like to accomplish for the Member Directory section of the website:

1. Registration form styling: The styling of the initial registration form means that it should fit into the theme and should be flexible enough to specify which form fields should be included, as well as allowing the person filling it out (or an administrator) to check which fields to make public independently.

2. Member Profile page: The inclusion on the Profile page of which groups the person belongs to (for example Council 1, Council 2, Flowers group, etc), via a set of checkboxes. These should probably be attributes, but I could not get the member add attributes “checkbox” option to show me where to create the items for the checkboxes. We add groups from time to time and also some groups come to an end. Styling is also an issue and it might be that the Profile Page should actually be a Profile block. We’d like to be able to design the Member profile into the theme. At the least, make this a page type so that the page template can be selected. In that way we could add instructions or other information on that page. We have about 700 members, so it is not trivial to change profile architectures one at a time. We want to be able to determine what information appears on this public profile page (for example, we don’t want “Badges.” And we don’t want “community points.” We’d like the profile picture larger and we don’t need the “Home” link that is next to the Edit link because we have Home in the nav bar above. We don’t need “First name” and “Last name”on the page because it is in the heading above. It might be nice to include “Nickname.” We would like to change “Bio” to “About me"

3. Member Directory List: This is our most formidable challenge. What we need is the creation of a directory listing block to allow various views and filters of the directory, and its placement in different places on a page. My notes and screen shots about what we are looking for are attached. In particular, we would like to be able to automatically list, on the same page as the main directory, some key people in the sidebar, such as the Board, the members of the Councils, etc. So being able to put multiple directory list blocks on the page would be a real advantage. We use these kinds of lists (members of a group, for example) on many different pages. Huge bonus points if there is any way to create a link that would send an email to all members of that group. But the main directory should be able to handle nearly all of that with filters if we put it into a block.

4. Naming conventions. We want to change the designation from “members” in the nav for the member directory to “people.” This will eliminate the confusion between, for example, members of the community and “members” of the website. When people register at the website, they do not necessarily intend to become members of our Zen community. I am not sure if this is just a nav bar tweak, or whether we need to do something with the structural designation of the directory.
It’s entirely possible that there is some way to do this with the existing architecture even without coding in PHP, but I don’t see how to do it.

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