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Kim Mosley

Council 3

When I retired from academia in 2007, I decided to investigate either Judaism or Buddhism. I started with Judaism, but felt lost in the past. Then in a brush painting workshop I met someone who told me about a sitting group and teacher. I joined that, adopted the teacher, and by 2008 was going to a few Buddhist temples in St. Louis. When we moved to Austin, I joined the Austin Zen Center and took a workshop with Flint. I gradually went to Appamada more often and now go to everything offered there, with a few rare exceptions. Before retiring, I taught art at various colleges, and became a dean. I also lead or participate in a number of study groups: Depth in Practice, Women in Zen, Zen Writing (at Austin Zen Center), Torah study, and CBI Meditation (at Congregation Beth Israel). Initially I wanted to prepare for my next time around. Now Iā€™m beginning to see that there is much more I can do right now. (See my blog:

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