About Appamada

Appamada started as a small Zen sitting group in 1995, led by Peg Syverson, and joined in 2007 by co-leader Flint Sparks. Our focus is on bringing the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha's teachings to contemporary lives, through silent meditation,  study, inquiry, and relational practices.

Over the years Appamada has grown and evolved into a contemporary Zen center offering daily meditation, a Sunday morning program with dharma talk, Tuesday Inquiry, intensives, classes, a one-year Precepts Program, orientation and one-on-one instruction (see the Calendar for offerings). Support, program development, and training are provided by Councils composed of experienced Zen students. Appamada also has a family of communities of practice in other places. (see About Appamada Communities) Appamada is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit governed by the Appamada Board. 

You may be wondering how Appamada is organized and how practice unfolds. Click below for a full-size map.

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