About Councils

Councils are small groups of experienced students who help support the sangha in many ways. They’ve been enormously helpful in offering orientation, talks, classes, and training in roles, and their dedicated practice inspires and encourages everyone. They often help us plan retreats, register participants, organize events, make wise decisions, and connect with the needs of sangha members. So these dedicated students generously offer the sangha their skills, time and energy. (How are Councils formed?)

Appamada simply could not function without the Council members' support and care for the sangha. They are also an excellent resource for you in your own practice. They are happy to answer questions about the forms or invite you to learn new roles. They also help us stay more connected with you and informed about your concerns. You should feel free to raise questions with them about how things work at Appamada, or share any concerns that might come up. (Read more here...)