Council members are Appamada practitioners who are invited to join a Council by the teachers. Councils provide deeper training in our practice and tradition, peer support to deepen practice, and opportunities to learn and grow together. Council members also help shape programming at Appamada, help care for the sangha, and manage intensives and other offerings. 

Councils are formed whenever there are at least five sangha members who meet certain criteria. He or she:

  1. has established a consistent daily sitting practice

  2. has accurately and completely learned all key roles (monitor, timekeeper, jisha, chiden)

  3. Is actively and regularly working with a teacher

  4. is a consistent participant in regular Appamada activities

  5. has completed the Precepts Program or individual precept study with a teacher and taken the Precepts Ceremony

  6. has participated in at least 4 intensives

  7. has moved beyond solely self-centered practice toward support and care for the community

  8. has requested or is interested in further training at Appamada

  9. Is psychologically and emotionally stable and mature

  10. is agreed upon by previous Councils and approved by former head students and teachers. 

  11. is able to commit to a one-hour weekly meeting, with occasional unavoidable misses. 

Note: We will endeavor to balance as much as possible, men and women on any Council. We will endeavor to include as much diversity as possible while meeting these criteria.

If you have any questions about Councils, please ask one of the teachers or a Council member.