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Since 2011, a study group has met on Monday evenings to read together and discuss books that are challenging and profound, in order to deepen our practice of Zen. It's an open group, and anyone is welcome to drop in. If you don't have a copy of our current book, we are happy to share.

We take turns reading one paragraph at a time and discussing the implications for practice or any questions that arise. In other words, we don't rush to finish, but savor the resonance of the text with our practice. We record each meeting and post it on for those folks who miss a meeting (see the list of recordings below). If this method appeals to you, please join us! It is even possible to participate from a distance online, using this link.

There is no fixed charge for this group; please do make contributions at your own discretion.

The group meets Monday evenings from 7:00-8:30. Check the calendar to see which book we are reading. 


A dialogic journal can deepen your experience of your reading and connect it with your meditation practice. On the lefthand page, copy a passage or phrase that caught your attention, provoked you, or interested you in some way. On the righthand page, respond to that quote. My suggestions:

1. Your reflections on the quote
2. How you think it might relate to your practice in some way
3. Any questions that arise for you around it

For more information, email Peg Syverson