Appamada Flowers Group

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This calendar is the Appamada Flowers calendar on Google. To add to or edit this calendar, you need to log in to Google. You can request access from the Flowers Group facilitator.

  1. Click on the entry “Flowers by:” for the date you select.

  2. Click on "more details," which will take you to the Google calendar event.

  3. Select the event title, and replace whatever follows the colon in the title with your name. So you would add, for example in, "Flowers by:" to "Flowers by: Peg Syverson."

  4. Then save the change, selecting " for this event only."

  5. To see the change, refresh the page. (It may not show up right away.)

  6. To subscribe to this calendar, click on the +Google Calendar button at the bottom

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