FOUNDATIONS OF ZEN 6: Internal Family Systems

Instructor: Peg Syverson
April 14-May 5, 2016

Location: Appamada

In our meditation practice, as well as in our relationships, we sometimes feel “taken over” by a part of ourselves by surprise. “What made me say that?” “Where did that come from?” and “How can I get rid of this feeling?” are common reactions. And we also recognize that there are times when we experience a kind of spacious awareness and open mind and heart that we sometimes refer to as our true self, or "Buddha nature." In psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems provides a model for understanding our inner parts and their relationships to each other and to other people. In the context of our boundless mind and heart, we can meet each of these parts with friendly curiosity and genuine care. This class introduces the Internal Family Systems model and provides some practice in working with it. 

Resources and Handouts

Self Therapy Jay Earley.jpg

Self Therapy (the original volume, not volume 2) by Jay Earley, available directly from the Center for Self-Leadership website.

Class Recordings