FOUNDATIONS OF ZEN 5: right Use of Power

Instructor: Peg Syverson

March 17-April 7, 2016

Location: Appamada

"Power is simply the ability to have an effect, or to have influence. However, the right use of this influence is complex. The right use of power in positions of trust is not simply the result of good intentions. It is also the ability to act sensitively, creatively, and effectively in the service of others and yourself. This requires engaging attention, relationship mastery, and a lifetime involvement in increasing sensitivity to the impact of our use of power. " (Cedar Barstow) 

We will be working with Cedar Barstow's excellent program for exploring our relationship with power, which she characterizes as the capacity to have an influence or create change. Her emphasis is on using power with heart, skill, wisdom, and care. 

We all have power, and we all find ourselves in different positions in power relationships, whether it is at work; with our parents, partners, and children; with a spiritual teacher or student. Sometimes we are in the up-power position, and sometimes we are in the down-power position. 

Even though we may not realize it, we have both personal power, and power that comes with a position or role. If we don't acknowledge our power, and use it wisely, we can cause harm for ourselves and for others. 

This class provides exercises and teachings to increase our skills and deepen our understanding of dimensions of power in a safe and kind environment. These dimensions teach us to use our power in skillful, informed, compassionate, and connected ways. We will be using Cedar's new, 10th Anniversary Edition of her book. 

Course text: Right Use of Power, 10th Anniversary Edition, by Cedar Barstow.

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